Books and edited journal issues

Fictions du pouvoir chinois. Littérature, modernisme et démocratie au début du xxe siècle. (Fictions of Chinese Power. Literature, modernism and democracy in the early 20th century). Paris: Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales Press, 2009, 384 pp.
Review by Haun Saussy in China Perspectives.

Edited journal issues
2016 (with Philippe Roussin), Démocratie et littérature. Expériences quotidiennes, espaces publics, régimes politiques, special issue of Communications, no. 99 (Fall 2016).

2014 (with Judith Pernin), Remembering the Mao Era: from creative practices to parallel history, special issue of China Perspectives, no. 2014/4,  44 pp.

2014 Hong Kong prend le large, special issue of Critique, No. 807-808 (August-September 2014), 160 pp.

2012 Mao today: A Political Icon for an Age of Prosperity, special issue of China Perspectives, no. 2012/2.

2011 Littérature et Anarchisme, special issue of Études littéraires (Université Laval), vol. 41, no. 3 (Fall 2010).

2010 Gao Xingjian and the Role of Chinese Literature Today, special issue of China Perspectives, no. 2010/2.

2010 (with Judith Pernin), Independent Chinese cinema: filming in the ‘space of the people’, special issue of China Perspectives, no. 2010/1.

2007 China and its past: Remembrance, Return, Forgetting, special issue of China Perspectives, No. 2007/4.

2004 (with Pascale Guinot), Chine: le théâtre contre le cynisme? (China: Theatre against Cynicism?), special feature of Théâtre/Public, n° 174, July-September 2004, p. 31-76.