My EHESS seminars are credit-bearing in two programs: the Master’s degree in History (mention histoire) and the Master’s degree in South and East Asian Studies (mention Asie méridionale et orientale). PhD students from any discipline are welcome to attend. Students under my supervision should enroll in the PhD program in History (histoire et civilisations).
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2017-18 (2d sem, May-June 2018.). EHESS Graduate Seminar “Historiography of Maoism: new interpretations” (in English). Syllabus: Syllabus_Mao_Historiography

2017-18 (1st sem, Jan-Feb 2018.). EHESS Graduate Seminar “Histoire intellectuelle de la Chine au XXe siècle : historiographie et questions théoriques” (in French).  Syllabus_Historio_Theorie_2017-8.

2016-17 (2d sem). EHESS Graduate Research Seminar:“The Public Sphere in 20th century China” (in English).

2016-17 (1st sem). EHESS Graduate Research Seminar: “Culture and Politics in Contemporary China” (in French).

2015-16 (2d sem). EHESS Graduate Research Seminar: “Political and Cultural Nationalism in China and beyond” (in English).

2015-16 (1st sem). EHESS Graduate Research Seminar: “Topics in 20th century intellectual history of China” (in French).

2014-15. EHESS Graduate Research Seminar: “Memory of the Mao Era and Revolution in Literature and Film.”

2013-14. EHESS Graduate Research Seminar: “New Figures of the Intellectual in contemporary China.”

2008- Adjunct Course Teacher, Master of Arts in Literary and Cultural Studies, University of Hong Kong.